The Basics

A plain-language introduction to tick-borne diseases

“Lyme Disease and associated tick-borne diseases: The Basics” 7th Edition, March 2017 by Douglas W. Fearn, contains essential information about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases needed by anyone beginning to learn about these infectious illnesses. It is written in a nontechnical question-and-answer format and was reviewed for accuracy by knowledgeable members of LDASEPA and by several prominent Lyme-literate physicians.

The booklet addresses such concerns as; “How does one get Lyme disease?” “How does one know if s/he has it?” “What treatment may be required?” and “What are some of the varied coinfections that may also be transmitted by ticks?”.  Another important feature of the booklet is an excellent symptom checklist, organized around various body systems.

“Lyme Disease: The Basics” is an excellent starting point for learning about the tick-borne illnesses that are increasingly prevalent here in Lyme-endemic Southeastern Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the United States.

Print the full text here (17 pages) PDF format

A Spanish version (April 2017) of the Basics Booklet is now available.
Email OR call 610-388-7333 for copies.   Download the Spanish Basics.

Restrictions: This book may only be reprinted in its entirety. Sections of it cannot be copied or used. LDASEPA wants the information in this booklet to reach anyone who is concerned about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Single copies may be duplicated for this purpose with no additions or omissions. Multiple copies are available at cost from LDASEPA.

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